Fogging Machine Sprayers are devices used to Fog/Spray any Liquid which is Diesel based in large areas like Farms, Poultry Farms, Buildings, Societies, Bungalows ,etc.

In past decade a few mosquito born diseases have developed because of many reasons ; Humans and Animals are getting affected to a great extent after mosquito bites. 

Mosquitoes, Thrips, Mites and other Flies/Insects are impacting Humans as well as the Nature to a significant extent. Many mosquito born diseases already exist and many have evolved in last few decades like Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunia Virua, Zica Virus, West Nile Virus and so on.

These virus are deadly up to the extent that many Humans and Animals loose their lives to the attacks done by mosquitoes.

To understand Mosquito Born Diseases we should first understand the life cycle of mosquitoes.

The above mentioned Mosquito Life Cycle can start anywhere where Water is in Stagnant state,  Waste is dumped , garbage is dumped or stored. 

It takes not more than 8-10 days to complete the Mosquito Life Cycle which is too quick to control  

The mosquito attack in small areas like 10×10 room can be controlled with the help of Domestic Remedies (the ones we use in our houses/offices)

But for bigger areal like Societies, Schools, Colleges, Marriage Gardens, District Places, Gardens, Farms, Poultry Farms and so on these remedies are not so very effective being bigger area.

So for such big areas use of Fogging Sprayers are used. Fogging Machines/Sprayers are the sprayer used to create Fog/spraying which can spread in large areas and can control the Menace of Mosquitoes.

So people do often ask whether Fogging  Machines/Sprayers   kill mosquitoes, No Fogging  Machines/Sprayers  are Carriers used to spray the Chemicals used to control Mosquito Menace in large areas. 

Fogging Machines/Sprayers are Classified as per the size of the area where Fogging needs to be done. For Example where area is less than 10000 sqft Mini/Handy Fogging Machine Sprayers are used for places like small societies, schools, Marriage Gardens and so on . For areas more than 10000 sqft Shoulder Mount Fogging Machines are used for places like small villages, Colonies, Big Schools and so on. For areas more than that Vehicle Mount Fogging Machines are used which Spray and Fogg in Mass scale and cover big areas like Big Roads on Street.

So Basically concept of Fogging Machine/Sprayers is to cover large areas with Fog/Spray to help spray/Fog liquid in large areas.

Pictures of Fogging Machines

SSE-150 Thermal Shoulder Mount Fogging Sprayer Machine

SSE-300 Double Barrel Vehicle Mount Fogging Sprayer Machine

SSE-250 Single Barrel Vehicle Mount Fogging Sprayer Machine

                                                   SSE-450 Handy Fogging Sprayer Machine