Sai Shree Enterprises

About Company

Since 2011, We have been promoting agriculture technology to assist our farmers in modernising their farming techniques. We began with fogging machines and agricultural equipments and have progressed towards researching and developing new technologies to assist our clients in improving and enhancing their Service.

Our Vision

We think that client happiness is measured by there success and growth, and that there is no better way to gauge skill than this. As a result, we are committed to enhancing and improving our quality in order to provide customers with excellent products and services. We agree that perseverance and commitment to the task at hand are crucial qualities to cultivate. We also believe that simply selling the products is insufficient; offering after-sales support is as important as product itself.

Why Us

We at Sai Shree Enterprises mostly deal in equipment and items that require adequate demonstration so that customers grasp the product’s do’s and don’ts from the start.

At the same time, we feel that the products we sell require prompt after-sales support in order to keep the machines functioning smoothly. We have technicians that are trained to provide after-sales service for the products and services we offer. We also have a stock of spare parts for product repair so that our customers don’t have to go elsewhere. We attempt to provide a one-stop shop for all of our products in terms of sales, service, repairs, and spare parts.

Dr. Vidit Shah

We are not just here because we can make fogging machine, Our founder Dr. Vidit Shah has been awarded PHD in “Importance of Fogging Machine for Control of Mosquito Menace” by AIIPPHS STATE GOVERNMENT UNIVERSITY DELHI. This knowledge & experience translate into our premium quality products & services.

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We have the largest client
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Our product are as unique
as our customer need


One thing that no other competitor
can match is our reliable service

Join The Sai Shree Revolution & Work With A 100% Make In India Brand

We are Onboarding Authorized Dealers & Distributors across India. Focusing On Sales, Services and Spares.

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