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Since 2011, We have been promoting agriculture technology to assist our farmers in modernising their farming techniques. We began with fogging machines and agricultural equipments and have progressed towards researching and developing new technologies to assist our clients in improving and enhancing their Service.

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Thermal Fogging Sprayer



Ready with the most unique product in the market with great

performance & supporting especially abled people.

SSE 350 special Vehicle Mount Thermal Fogging Machine.


In 2019 we got inspiration from Made in India manufacture machines in India.By 2019 we were able to manufacturer & procure 90% of the parts in India itself.


We saw a huge demand for Fogging machines due to Covid -19. We provided our services to government with supply of Machines and equipment's.


We started focusing on the problem areas and started dedicated services team and Built inventory for spares.


Our founder get enlightened by the idea of an optimized fogging machine and started Sai Shree enterprises in 11/11/2011

The 3 "s" of sai shree



We are just not into doing business and generating profits we believe in growing with our clients that’s oursales policy
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A business done once gets you just profit , But a service done well will build trust and this trust will bring regular growth, more customers, and reliability which is backbone our success.

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A product is of no use if it can’t be fixed and repaired. With this thought, we put dedicated research into building and manufacturing the best quality spares for our machines and equipment. Spares are available in ample quantity which allow us to serve our customer with best quality. Customer just don't spend when they deal with Sai Shree they invest with us.

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