In the present day the open farming is suffering a lot due to unpredictable weather and climatic conditions. In conventional agriculture practices, the crop is grown in open area under natural conditions and are vulnerable to uncontrolled changes in climate like temperature , rainfall , humidity , etc which affects the quality and yield of crop may decline. It is the need of hour to shift towards the method of control farming which yields better results due to controlled environmental conditions. Polyhouse/Net house farming is an alternative new technique of agriculture in India. It reduces dependency on rainfall and makes the optimum use of land and water resources. Polyhouses/Net houses are structures utilized as protective cultivation to make the plants grow well in unfavorable climate. This technology helps in when plants, in particular period of the year cannot be grown in open areas where the climate is uncertain and quality crop is under jeopardy. Protected cultivation has been evolved to create favorable micro-climates, which favors the production of crop all around the year or part of the year as required.


  • Water is saved in large scale compared to irrigation in open filed. Higher yield is there in a small area.
  • The growth of Crop is healthier, uniform and matures fast.
  • Efficiency of fertilizers and manure increases.
  • Cost of fertilizers, pesticides and labor gets reduced.
  • The lands which are not suitable for traditional farming can also be brought under controlled cultivation.
  • Less chances of disease attack, thus reduction in disease control cost.
  • Increase in yield as compared to traditional farming.
  • Increase in reliability of crops.
  • Useful in monitoring and controlling the instability of various ecological system.
  • Production can be adjusted/controlled according to the requirement.
Fogging Machine helps into mass killing of Mosquitoes which leads to spreading of diseases like malaria, dengue, etc. In today's scenario due to increasing menace of mosquitoes it has become difficult to control the mosquito population in vast areas .Now a days due to growing awareness among people even owners of party lawns , bunglows , farm houses , schools, industries , grampanchayats , etc are using this product effectively.
Deleafing machine for rose is used for the cleaning of flower stems. A deleafing offers an excellent deleafing result while maintaining the stem quality. Our Deleafing Machines are electrically operated.
Roda Box

Roda Box

Roda box is one such product which helps in catching of rats and mices. Roda box is made of strong metal and can be used for longer period.
Compresion sprayer

Compresion sprayer

Brass Hand Compression Sprayer is made up of Heavy Quality Brass and is made up for use of spray of chemical in house, factory, industry and various other pest control methods. It is designed taking into consideration the requirement of Pest Control Institutions. Its spares, Service and Repairing is also taken into consideration as when time passes these equipments require service and repairs. We have trained service person to provide after sales service of the equipments too.
Solar Light

Solar Light

Light Trap is a device used to control and trap insects in open areas especially farms. The trap is supposed to get insalled on farm at about height of 6-10 feet. The trap has solar plate installed on it which helps get the battery charged automatically. The device in the evening time after the sun sets automatially gets started and the Bulb installed on the trap attracts all kinds of flying insects on the farm. The trap approximately runs for 3-4 hours and attracts almost all kinds of insects let it be male or female. It is designed for all kinds of crops and can be used for any and every crop like Vegetables, Flowers, Fruits and so on. This process helps control the attack of pests and at the same time farmers/Research institutions can also find out the presence of pests in farms. In this way spray can be controlled upto large extent and at the same time pests can be controlled in the initial stage of attack. This delice also helps getting farming pattern to Organic Farming mode.